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Exercising is Cardio Clear 7 Ingredients Review another way to achieve normal HDL cholesterol levels. The key to the exercise is to not go too hard at it, researchers recommend that duration rather than intensity is the best way to increase HDL, so ideally you want to do something like brisk walking or light jogging for about thirty minutes a day.

Ditching fast food will also help with your cholesterol too. Many fast food outlets deep fry their french fries etc. in hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a trans fat. This fat is also found in other foods where a long shelf life is wanted by the manufacturers, foods such as cookies for instance. These fats are horrendous for both your HDL and LDL levels, as they raise LDL and lower HDL, so avoid foods containing trans fats at all costs.

A final way to help you achieve normal HDL cholesterol levels is to use supplements, in particular blended supplements. These are fast growing in popularity because they allow you to have total control over your cholesterol in a way that is as effective as using prescription drugs, but without the dangerous side effects. Supplements containing policosanol are amongst the best as this nutrient helps to keep the cholesterol producing enzyme under control whilst raising HDL levels at the same time.


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