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The magnesium fire starter comes with its own source of tinder. Attach http://Easy Cellar a piece of broken hack saw to the fire starter to use to strike the fire starter. You can also use the back of your knife but I prefer the hack saw blade. Use it to scrape some of the magnesium off to form a small pile of shavings to act as tinder. Light the tinder using the fire starter. This is best accomplished by placing one end of the magnesium fire starter at a 45 degree angle on a rock with the tinder next to the strike surface. Place additional tinder material underneath the magnesium filings. Small twigs, dried leaves, and dried grass will help you get the fire started.Make sure you have materials ready to build a fire with. By rubbing the hack saw blade along the strike surface you will create sparks and light the tinder. Another source of tinder you can make are cotton balls soaked with Vaseline. Store the Vaseline-soaked cotton balls in an old 35 mm film canister. These are becoming harder to find as we have entered the digital camera generation.https://healthreviewfactory.com/easy-cellar-review/

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