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Another common eye disease is glaucoma, which damages Joseph Holbrook’s Lutazene Review the optic nerve chronically without any notification. Glaucoma is second to age related macular degeneration in causing visual loss and blindness. This condition always progresses in silent until serious symptoms can be seen. In this case, regular eye exams are crucial. Normal treatments for glaucoma include eye drops and oral medications.As a type of microorganism, acanthamoeba can be found almost anywhere and it always thrives in moist environments. This microorganism is more commonly found in regions with humid, warmer climates. One form of acanthamoeba can cause serious consequences to the eyes. It is this organism that forces the Food and Drug Administration to review the testing procedures for contact lens solutions.

Eye infection is quite common in contact lens wearers who use lens solutions inappropriately or over wear their lenses. Over wear can easily disrupt the tissue on the front of the eyes, allowing organisms such as acanthamoeba to enter into the eye tissue and then multiply quickly. In the year of 1997 alone, there are reported 138 cases of acanthamoeba infection that occurred in 35 different states.

In recent years, the trend of acanthamoeba infection is on the increase. Ophthalmologists have figured out some potential reasons. Nowadays, there is a decrease in chlorination in drinking water. In addition, multipurpose lens solutions have become the first choice. But these solutions are actually ineffective against acanthamoeba. This is the direct force driving the FDA to reconsider the testing procedure of lens solutions.

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