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LIC ® PEX & XLPE——XL95A/05B-D  
LIC ® XL95A-D materials are silane crosslinkable polyethylene used with catalyst XL05B for cables.
LIC ® XL95A/05B-D materials can be used where high or low working temperature,
and improved chemical and abrasion resistance are required. All grades can be used for extrusion moulding.
Key Features:  
High temperature and hydrolysis resistance  
High abrasion resistance  
Good weather resistance
High electrical and insulation properties  
Brand Grade Color Density  
    (g/cm3) Gel content MFR  
    (5KG/190℃, g/10min) Application
LIC® XL95A-DNatural0.93550%-70%1.8-2.6Cable pipes
PS:The listed data are typical production values. Tailor-made formulations to specific customers' requirements are possible  
XL95A/05B compounds can be used together with LIC® Color masterbatch. We suggest pre-drying all color masterbatches prior to use.
For specific Technical Data Sheet, please contact us. Cross-linked polyethylene

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